Relief Today — an introduction

We are Relief Today, a startup in the disaster management space. Our mission is to build technologies that help societies better endure climactic and humanitarian disasters — which have been on a constant rise in the last couple of decades because of human action.

The disaster relief problem-scape is vast — ranging from coordination and communication to mental health of those affected. However, based on our research, we have decided to focus on the following problem areas:

  1. Relief efforts reaching vulnerable communities
  2. Delays in response to any disaster
  3. Disorganized and unverified information flow
  4. Redundant effort to provide any kind of relief
  5. Access to local assistance

…. among others

Our approach to solving these issues stems from how critical information is shared in disasters. Our approach focused on 3 things:

1. Facilitating essential and targeted aid response

2. Enabling collaboration between structured & unstructured relief efforts

3. Capturing on-ground relief needs in a timely manner

Our solution, the Relief Today platform, carries this focus by bringing aid providers and affected communities together on to a singular platform that intends to act as an information and collaboration bridge between the two. We have designed this platform based on human centered research that we have conducted and formalized.

Our research

Our research was divided in three phases, each focusing on understanding challenges faced by different members of any aid response:

  1. Aid providers
  2. Affected communities
  3. Volunteers

Across the 3 research phases, we spoke with experts, affected communities and with the people who had volunteered their resources and efforts to assist during disasters. The insights we gathered from this research have helped us design the Relief Today platform and we continue to optimize this with the inputs and feedback we continue to receive from the industry and community.

We have a great gratitude to everyone who shared their experiences with us and inspired by their generosity, we are releasing all our research in a series of blogs and research reports which will be accessible to all. Our findings will be made available over the next 4–6 weeks and we hope these will encourage you to engage with us. If you find our work valuable, we’d appreciate it if you could share our research and blogs with those who can benefit from our findings. We further invite you all to check out our website to know about the work we do. You will also be able to get access to all our blogs and research on our website.

Finally, if you have lived through a natural or humanitarian disaster, have volunteered your time in one, or work at an organization that provides aid in such situations, we’d love to hear your stories. Your inputs will add to our body of research and hopefully have an impact on many others. You can connect with us through the Contact Us page of our company, or leave a comment below.



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